The Locker by Peter Giardina

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The overriding objective of The Locker is to demonstrate the necessity for obtaining Biblical understanding rather than being content with mere mental knowledge. Therefore, it is my hope that by reading the examples of the understanding I have received, you will be motivated to actually seek understanding of your own.It is understanding, and not knowledge alone, that Solomon said was greater than fine gold, and that nothing you desire compares with understanding the word of God.

Make no mistake about it, you can understand the hidden truth of the Bible on your own, without the aid of someone with a theology degree. But you must seek it. I cannot give you understanding, because it cannot be taught. It must be discovered by means of revelations from the Holy Spirit.

If you receive my teaching or someone else’s, you have only added to your encyclopedia of knowledge. You have the knowledge, but the teacher hopefully has the understanding. There is no freedom, no life, for you in learning of either my or another teacher’s understanding. When all a believer has is knowledge of a teacher’s understanding, that believer is bound to the teacher for direction. In my mind, that is not freedom. Paul wrote in Galatians, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free.” (Galatians 5:1) He finished this verse with a warning, “Therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” In other words, don’t allow yourself to become bound to someone else’s understanding for spiritual development. My hope is that by showing you what I have come to understand, and by providing useful techniques to guide you to your own understanding, you will be moved to lift your Bible study to a whole new level from knowledge alone to your own understanding.

The Locker is divided into four parts.

•    Part 1 is drawn from my personal experience. In it I describe how sin can accumulate in a believer’s mind and become roadblocks that can prevent the truth from reaching the heart. I have likened this phenomenon as a condition I’ve named Cluttered Mind Disorder or CMD. Also included are sections on the critical role of parables as well as the role of the Holy Spirit in Biblical understanding and Bible study.

•     Part 2 contains a study on a much debated subject, the timing of the day of the Lord. The purpose of this study is not merely to inform. Instead, my intention is to present an example (not an exhaustive dissertation) of how Biblical understanding is gained. Rather than try to show you how much I might know (compared to the knowledge of God none of us knows very much so there is no reason for exalting oneself), I am most interested in showing you that you can indeed come to rightly understand the Bible on your own.

•    Part 3 discusses the very real crisis of false prophets that exists in the Church today.

•    Part 4 presents important conclusions concerning CMD and the pathway to wholeness as a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

You can download a copy of The Locker from the Free eBook Store. Publications in the Free eBook Store are, of course, FREE!

The Locker is available for download in three formats: PDF, ePub (iBooks, Nook, etc.) and MOBI (Kindle).

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New Video Seminar Posted

Church BuildingAn 8-part video seminar by Milton Green has just been posted in the TMSW Seminars & Sermons department. The seminar, The Church Today Asleep And In Bondage, was recorded in 1983, but it is as timely today as the time it was filmed.


Also, be sure to visit the TMSW Free eBook Store where you can download Escape From Christendom by Robert Burnell and my new book, One Heart. Downloads are available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.

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New Book by Peter Giardina Now Available

One Heart Cover R1



One Heart, a new Book by Peter Giardina is now available for download at the TMSW Free eBook Store.

One Heart is the result of a bold, unbiased effort to make a comparison of the Church and the body of Christ.

At first blush, there would seem to be no reason  for such a comparison since the Church (often referred to as the Universal Church) claims to be the body of Christ. However, would their claim stand if the Church were compared to a measurable Biblical standard? Making such a comparison is the mission of One Heart.

About 2,000 years ago a religious organization permeated the nation of Israel. What had begun as a people chosen by God and formed by His laws, commandments and statutes had grown into a religious system made up of a mountain of rules, regulations, rituals and traditions. This was the Judaism at the time Jesus ministered in Israel. And He repeatedly and openly rebuked the religious leaders of that day.

Now, 2,000 years later another religious institution has emerged. It too is founded on God’s laws, commandments and statutes with one striking difference … it was established on the shed blood of the Messiah, the Anointed One, Jesus Christ. It has grown to be much larger than the Jewish religious system of the past. This system has spread around the globe. Today’s religious system is called the Church, that is, the entire group of Christian organizations, often referred to as the Universal Church. This institution claims to be the body of Christ. But when you look at this body’s organizational structure, especially the myriad of self-made rules, regulations, rituals and traditions one cannot help but see an uncomfortable similarity with the religious system of the Jews 2,000 years after God cut His covenant was with Abraham.

The premise for One Heart can be expressed with this question:

Is the Church just as much off the mark 2,000 years after Pentecost as Judaism was by the time of Pentecost, which was 2,000 years after God made the covenant with Abraham?
The mission of One Heart is to make an unbiased comparison of the Church and the body it claims to be in the hope of answering this important question: Is the Church actually the body of Christ as it claims?

Publications in the Free eBook Store are, of course, FREE!

One Heart is available for download in three formats: PDF, ePub and MOBI.

Click or tap here to download your copy of One Heart.

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