Your Bible Study and the Holy Spirit

My latest study, The Holy Spirit: Do-All and End-All of Bible Understanding, is now in the Studies section. This is an important review of the all-important place of the Holy Spirit in your understanding of the Bible. It is also the concluding study of our review of the fundamental concepts and principles of Biblical understanding.

To read and study the Bible without the interactivity of the Holy Spirit is like trying to assemble a puzzle with pieces that don’t interlock. You will never get it together, because it doesn’t go together. In similar fashion, you will never reach a true, accurate understanding of the Bible unless it is revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. You can try to deduce the meaning of the Bible with your mind, using your physical senses, logic and human reasoning, but you will always come to a dead-end … the pieces just won’t fit together.

Please take the time to read this important study carefully, and then take some time for self-examination. Ask yourself if the understanding you extract from the words on the pages of the Bible always fit together … perfectly. If this is not true, ask yourself how you might be putting your ideas, and your intelligence ahead of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Then ask God to help you lay down your ideas of what the Bible means, and dedicate yourself to submit your mind and will to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Of course, this process will be greatly enhanced by constructing a locker in your mind to hold all of your worldly attitudes and beliefs. Once out of the way, the voice of the Spirit will become much more clear and definite. The result: Your understanding of the Bible will grow in degree and accuracy. It just might blow you away when you see how perfectly all of the pieces fit together.

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