Insight Into Scripture

The road we’ve travelled since March 8, when the first article was posted on this site, has been sometimes dry and often tedious. I heartily congratulate you if you plowed through all, or even most, of the Viewpoints, Studies and Principles. The good news is that the fundamentals of Biblical understanding are now completed. Though we are going to move on to other, hopefully more interesting topics, please don’t forget the concepts and principles you’ve learned.

Normally, I put my thoughts and opinions here in the Viewpoints section, but not this time. Instead, I’m asking you to present yours. Here’s what I mean. Now you have the opportunity to study a passage, and then post your insights on the blog. It’s your platform to share with others what the Holy Spirit reveals to you, and to see how your insights grow deeper in meaning as they combine with the understanding of others.

To accomplish this, I’ve created a new section that appears in the menu bar. It’s called Scripture Insights. My plan right now is to post a Scripture passage each month. You can post your insights as you receive them from the Holy Spirit. You should post your insights in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of the Scripture passage.

What I’m looking for is what you are seeing in the passage beyond the events taking place and the words that are spoken. Your insights might answer questions such as: What does the passage convey? What does the passage mean? What spiritual truth is expressed in the passage? Is there a significant moral lesson or principle hidden in the passage?

The passage for August is Acts 3:1-10. This is a familiar passage, and one that has captured my interest from the very first time I read it. Maybe it’s one of your favorites, too. I’ve also posted some Tips & Pointers that may aid you in receiving understanding from the Holy Spirit.

I hope you have fun with this new feature, and that you will benefit from it as well, as I expect to. Our depth of understanding will grow as more and more insights are posted. Sharing revelations of Scripture with others is the Lord’s intended way of building us up into the unity and fullness of Christ. We won’t benefit if you don’t post your insights, so join in and let’s see where this leads.

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