When I started The More Sure Word, I had no blogging experience. As I should have expected, some of the things I did from the standpoint of the site structure have not worked out so well. The main problem was dividing articles on a single subject into Viewpoints, Studies and Principles. This seemed like a good idea at the outset, but I soon realized it was not very effective. This dividing of articles on the same subject was becoming confusing for me, so I’m sure it was for you as well. Unfortunately, when I set up the site, I didn’t know how to organize the postings any other way. I’ve since learned more about how to set up the menu bar so all articles can be in the Viewpoints section while those same articles can be archived by subject under another menu heading.

The menu bar has been revised to reflect this idea. All of the articles that have previously been posted, either under Viewpoints, Studies or Principles, now appear under the Viewpoints menu heading. They appear in reverse chronological order, and they all have the same dates as when they were originally posted.

The next menu heading is TMSW Background. Place your cursor over the heading and a drop down menu with the first two articles posted appears. Click on either one to go to that article.

The third and final menu heading (for now) is Foundations. This drop down menu contains five subject headings: Fundamentals, Cluttered Mind Disorder, Renew Your Mind, The Critical Holy Spirit and Parables. Clicking on either of these subjects takes you to an archive of articles related to that subject.

I hope you agree that this system is much less confusing. Archiving articles by subject means it is much easier to go back and review, and it means first-time visitors can catch up without having to search for the articles related to a subject. New menu headings will be added as studies of new subjects are begun.

I may make a few other site changes while we are between studies, but they won’t involve the existing articles. I’ll keep you posted as they take place.

One of the changes made by the blog host, WordPress, was to simplify the way viewers sign up to follow along. If you are a visitor to this site, and are not logged-in to WordPress, you will notice a small tab at the bottom right of the screen that has the word “Follow” on it. Click on this tab and a menu pops up that has a space for typing your email address. Simply type in your address, click on “sign me up” and you’ll be a follower of The More Sure Word. That means you will get an email notification from WordPress every time I post an article. If you are already logged-in to WordPress, simply click on “Follow” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Since WordPress has this new facility in place, I’ll be removing the “Join The More Sure Word Community” which is currently located at the top of the right column of the site.

A related note: Many of you receive an email notification directly from me. I don’t mind sending the emails, but there have been problems sending to a large group. It is also near to impossible to maintain correct email addresses for a large group of people. If you would use the Follow facility, it would be a great help to me. You will also be able to manage how frequently you receive notifications.

Thank you for your continued viewing of The More Sure Word, and especially for your patience as I take this time between studies to make some needed alterations to the site.

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