A New Year, A Special Subject

Busy, Busy Busy

The first article was posted on this blog on March 8, 2011. Forty-two articles were posted from that time to the end of December. Together we explored a variety of Biblical topics at an average pace of one article per week. Each article was written by me, and they were all composed of my own material as a result of many years of prayerful, Holy Spirit led Bible study.

The pace was actually more demanding than it sounds, because I only wrote and posted two articles in November and December. Therefore, the remaining means forty articles were posted in just thirty-four weeks. That translates into a lot of time at the keyboard.The last two months of 2011 were somewhat of a break for me, at least from writing. And so far this year I have been off to a slow start, but it seems as though I’m slowly getting back to a good rhythm.

This year promises to be an exciting one, at least for me. As I have previously stated, The More Sure Word is dedicated to helping you discover that you can study and understand the Bible for yourself. I believe the best way to do that is to show you what I have learned and understood, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that in this way you would not only be learning something that might be new to you, but hopefully that you will also be encouraged to study, to seek and to listen for your own revelations from the Spirit. It is with these goals in mind that we embark on a new journey. The articles posted last year laid a foundation for an expedition into an exciting and vastly important subject. I hope and pray you will embark on this voyage with me.

A WOW! Moment

Have you ever read a startling chapter in a good book, or watched a mind-boggling scene in a movie, or witnessed a real-life event that just took your breath away? Whether it was an ambiguous, eye-opening fact from history, a breathtaking landscape in a movie, or one person’s exceptional act of kindness amidst a crisis, when events such as these splash into you consciousness they capture your full attention, often leaving you with nothing to say but, “Wow!” Sometimes it can only be expressed in a whisper; frequently it is not even possible to say the word, but you feel it, piercing that deepest part of you that is usually securely hidden from your awareness.

I had such an experience more than two decades ago, and I will never forget it. In my case it involved hearing something that linked together a number of facts and events out of the Bible that previously seemed to be unrelated. I was on a weekend retreat, and on this particular morning, a pastor was giving one of several talks that would be delivered through the course of the retreat. While all of the talks were interesting and meaningful, this one was to have a special significance for me. Admittedly, I wasn’t paying very close attention as he began speaking, but my full focus locked onto every word as he began to speak of a special relationship; an uncommon love between two men, one the son of the king of Israel, the other anointed by God to be the next king. He was speaking of the extraordinary relationship between Jonathan, the son of King Saul and David, slayer of Goliath, anointed by Samuel at God’s direction to be the successor to the throne of Israel. The pastor called their relationship a blood covenant, a bond of friendship he claimed was the most solemn, most binding of all relationships.

As he continued to describe the nature of this relationship and how it is entered into, I became filled with such great excitement I could barely contain it. All of what had seemed to be independent incidents and stories I had read in the Bible were no longer unrelated, they were becoming a homogenous whole. While I was listening to the speaker, the Lord was showing me that this thing called blood covenant was nothing less than the foundation of the entire Bible. It was definitely a “Wow!” moment.

These many years later I cannot remember the main subject or the central point of this man’s talk, and I would have to press my memory hard to recall his name, although I can still see him standing there as he described this newfangled (at least to me) thing called blood covenant. As he spoke he gave no indication of having any idea of the pure significance of what he was describing, and he definitely did not know the stupendous unveiling going on inside of me regarding the momentous importance of covenant in the Bible.

The Everlasting Covenant

With the idea that you can learn something about the Bible while at the same time become encouraged to seek your own Holy Spirit revelations of understanding, we are setting our course this year on a close examination of Biblical covenant. And we can do this because God is no respecter of persons … He shows no partiality … He is ready, willing and eager to reveal Himself to everyone who will earnestly seek to know and understand His truth, and this is what we will do with the help of the Spirit.

Since the revelations of covenant I have received were a personal experience for me, and not just a learning experience, some of the articles will be of a personal nature, while others will look and sound more like teaching texts. In this manner, I hope to be able to convey some of the process of receiving instruction from the Holy Spirit as well as the way an understanding of Biblical covenant can strengthen and intensify your relationship and walk with God.

The covenant articles will be archived under a menu heading called Biblical Covenant. I invite you, your family and friends to follow along as we journey together into the nature, the ramifications and the benefits of Biblical covenant. You might just encounter a “WOW!” moment or two of your own.

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