Principle: Biblical Covenant Is Hidden In Commonality.

Covenant is common to life. Even when evidence of covenant is limited to human relationships, covenants abound. Actually, they more than abound … they proliferate. The commonality principle tells us the best hiding place for something is among many similar objects. A corresponding feature of commonality is this: As the desire to hide something increases, the number of objects needed to make a suitable hiding place also increases. With that in mind, consider that there are now more than 7 billion people populating the earth. That’s a staggering number, and it is constantly multiplying. Now consider the number of relationships that exist between those 7 billion people. That number is even more staggering, and as enormous as that number must be, it too is constantly multiplying. Clearly covenant relationships are extremely important to God, and as you should expect, they are beautifully hidden. He has hidden them first in the Bible, hidden among millions of books; then He has hidden them among billions of covenant relationships among the people of the world. Biblical covenant must truly be exceptionally valuable since God has gone to such extensive measures to hide it. Covenant relationships are so common, we hardly ever pay any attention to them. Finding those that are important to God requires they be sought with great diligence.

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