Principle: Death And New Life.

Blood covenant requires a sacrifice of one’s very life, but out of the death of two a new life emerges. Death resulting in life is a prime characteristic of blood covenant. The death, of course, is a sacrificial death of self. It is accomplished by the substitutionary death of an animal. The death of the animal represents the death of the individuals making the covenant. Since the covenanting parties consider themselves to be dead to a life of living for themselves, they vow to live a new life, each for the other. This mutual agreement of trust, safety, protection and peace creates an eternal bond between them. They are said to be blood brothers. In the Bible, they are called friends.

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  1. Doc says:

    This is a very thought provoking article. Not because I disagree, on the contrary I agree wholeheartly and am amazed that I am so convicted of my lukewarm attitude of convents. Especialy Jesus’ relationship with me. And my need to reconsider what “all” means to me and from me in this relationship. Thank you for listening to Holy Spirit and communicating it so well. I know I have been given ears to hear this word.

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