Principle: Two Become One.

Blood covenant is the highest level of covenant, and as such, it has the highest requirement of giving. Keep in mind that the amount of giving is always equal. In this case, equality is not determined by apportioning out each partner’s possessions … $1,000.00 from me, $1,000.00 from you … six pairs of shoes from me, and six from you … but wait, you only have five pair of shoes so I’ll keep one pair. It is not done that way in God’s economy. In making a blood covenant the giving is equal when each party gives ALL they have. All equals all. A covenant of blood so completely intermingles the lives of the covenanting parties that they are said to be one person. In fact, each is said to be the image of the other. This was a physical reality in ancient days since the parties exchanged their robes and belts with each other. Thus each one actually took on the appearance the other. Further, covenant friends would consider themselves to be in each other since they had eaten the same bread (representing their bodies) and drunk the same wine (representing their blood).

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