One Heart by Peter Giardina

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About 2,000 years ago a religious organization permeated the nation of Israel. What had begun as a people chosen by God and formed by His laws, commandments and statutes had grown into a religious system made up of a mountain of rules, regulations, rituals and traditions. This was the Judaism at the time Jesus ministered in Israel. And He repeatedly and openly rebuked the religious leaders of that day.

Now, 2,000 years later another religious institution has emerged. It too is founded on God’s laws, commandments and statutes with one striking difference … it was established on the shed blood of the Messiah, the Anointed One, Jesus Christ. It has grown to be much larger than the Jewish religious system of the past. This system has spread around the globe. Today’s religious system is called the Church, that is, the entire group of Christian organizations, often referred to as the Universal Church. This institution claims to be the body of Christ. But when you look at this body’s organizational structure, especially the myriad of self-made rules, regulations, rituals and traditions one cannot help but see an uncomfortable similarity with the religious system of the Jews 2,000 years after God cut His covenant was with Abraham.

The premise for One Heart can be expressed with this question:

Is the Church just as much off the mark 2,000 years after Pentecost as Judaism was by the time of Pentecost, which was 2,000 years after God made the covenant with Abraham?
The mission of One Heart is to make an unbiased comparison of the Church and the body it claims to be in the hope of answering this important question: Is the Church actually the body of Christ as it claims?

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